Have your best race ever with Triathlon Training Plans

You don’t have to be lost training for a triathlon! We’ve interviewed over 200 of the best pro and age group triathletes to develop our Triathlon Training Program for all distances! Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman 70.3 up to the full Ironman 140.6. Everything from nutrition, taking care of yourself to having your best race ever is covered. Easy-to-follow progressive training programs.


Why the track may not be the answer for you!
How to buy speed!
Why stretching is making you injured

  • Sprint Distance Training Plans

    Sprint Distance Training Plans

    750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. Sprint triathlons are an easy distance to train for and race and are thus the best suited for beginner's first taste of triathlon! Sprint races can vary in distance as they are typically staged near a swimming pool or as part of a longer race event.
  • Olympic Distance Training Plans

    Olympic Distance Training Plans

    1500m swim - 40km bike - 10km run. Olympic distance races combine the fast twitch speed used in shorter races with endurance and strength needed for aerobic activity over 2 hours. They are most popular as an age group race; but this format is the official draft legal distance of ITU and the Olympics. Very fast athletes!
  • 70.3 Half Ironman Training Plans

    70.3 Half Ironman Training Plans

    1.2 mile swim - 52 mile bike - 13.1 mile run. The 70.3 distance is a serious undertaking in training and race distance. Going this far means that nutrition starts to become a factor. These distance events are almost exclusively run by the Ironman brand.
  • 140.6 Ironman Training Plans

    140.6 Ironman Training Plans

    2.4 mile swim - 112 mile bike - 26.2 mile run. The Ironman distance is the pinnacle of triathlon training with the goal of competing at fabled Kona. Significant dedication to training, nutrition and planning are needed to ensure your best effort.

What areas are covered?

Training smart
Learning to swim and swim well!
What you need to race
Race day tips
Strength training
Paleo diet
Having fun!

Swim workouts
Bike workouts
Run workouts

This eBook is simply amazing. Inside it lays out a ton of detail and helpful information for triathletes ranging from beginner all the way up to elite Ironman athletes. Highly recommended. – Ryan

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking to get in to their first triathlon all the way up to a seasoned pro tackling their 10th Ironman in Kona! The TriDomination book will be your triathlon bible on getting you ready to dip your toes in to the water through picking the right bike, wetsuit and running shoes!

What do I get in the TriDomination package?

This beautiful eBook will give you everything you need for a complete triathlon lifestyle makeover!

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